I’ve been using SXOS since they launched. I had one of the original pre-order batches and I’ve been watching it grow and change with every new release. One thing they added a while back that I haven’t looked into until recently is the Internet Local Wireless Play. It allows you connect to other people using public or private internet servers as though they were connected to your local wireless network.

It always sounded like a great feature, especially because I got my Switch banned not long after getting SXOS because I was always experimenting with stuff. But when they released the feature, it was basically just a bullet point, without any real instructions on the Xecuter page, just a link to the Lan-Play webpage and their setup instructions were pretty barebones. I left with the impression that I’d need to reconfigure my entire network IP address block. I’m happy to say that starting this channel gave me the reason I needed to go back and figure it out, and it’s a lot less involved than I thought.

What you’ll need:

The first thing you’ll want to do is install your selected packet capture tool. Just run through the install wizard, and make sure you tell it to start the driver when Windows starts, or you’ll have to run it every time you reboot. After it’s installed unzip the Lan-Play-Gui zip, and put the win-unpacked folder somewhere safe, then copy the Lan-Play executable file into the win-unpacked folder. You can then create a shortcut to the Lan-Play-Gui executable and put it on your desktop or start menu.

Make sure you run the Lan-Play-Gui application as Administrator to improve compatibility. From the Lan-Play-Gui window, you can click on Settings. Some games require specific settings (for example, to play Animal Crossing you’ll need to change the PMTU to 500). You can make those changes here on the Main Configuration tab. Next switch to the Server List tab, and click Download Official Server List. Confirm, and then click Ok to get back to the home page.

Now you’ll see a list of servers and how many people are using them. Generally you can pick whichever has the most people online for the best chance of finding a match. You can also join the Lan Play Discord server to try and connect with people.

Next you’ll need to make some changes on your Switch. Go to Settings > Internet > Internet Settings. Choose your network, then select Change Settings. Scroll down to IP Address Settings and change it from Automatic to Manual, then use the following settings:

  • IP Address: 10.13.XX.YY (Replace the X and Ys with a number between 1 and 254. You’ll want to make sure you don’t use the same number as someone else you’re playing with.)
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway:
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Once you’ve changed those settings you’re all ready to go. Just go into the SXOS menu through the album, go over to settings, and turn on Internet Local Wireless Play. Once it’s turned on simply open the game you want to play, and choose the local wireless connection option. It will connect to whatever server you selected instead of looking for other Switches on your local network.

Some games do have a built in LAN mode, you can see a list of compatible games here, along with any special instructions for that title. You should e able to connect to more popular games like Super Smash Brothers, but some older or less popular games you may need to find someone else to play with. If you’re interested in joining other members of the TechSupportGamer community, check out my Discord server.

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