I’ve talked before about a few ways to set up and use Cheats for SXOS and Atmosphere on the Switch. Up until recently, every way I tried was only a marginal improvement on the basic idea of just copying a text file onto your SD card. The cheats would generally stop working every time a new update came out, and if you got a new game, you’d have to go through the hassle of downloading and installing them too.

Every time I made a video or used cheats on my own, I dreamed of a better way. I even had an idea of how it could be done, with a homebrew that read an online database and let you download what you wanted from there, sort of like a HomeBrew appstore for cheats. But I’m in training and support, because I don’t know a whole lot of programming, and don’t have the patience to learn or try it, so I waited and hoped someone else would make it. Finally, Hamlet Du Fromage stepped up and made it happen.

You can download Switch Cheats Updater from the HomeBrew app store, or from the Github page, and then copy it to the switch folder on the root of your SD card. As always, I recommend the HomeBrew app store, because it’s just so much easier. If you’re going to copy something to your SD card anyway, make it the HBAS and then you won’t have to worry about it again for the most part.

Once you’ve got it installed, just open the Switch Cheats updater, press the “A” button, and it will download the most up-to-date cheats available for every game on your Switch. That’s it. You can open whatever cheat engine you use and it will list the cheats and you can turn them on. No worrying about where to put the text file. If you go to play a game in two weeks and it says the cheats are for an older version, just open the homebrew, press “A” again, and it will download newer ones if they are available.

It’s all based on this thread from GBATemp. They update the cheat database there at least every few days, but sometimes a few times a day. The Switch Cheats Updater database makes a copy once a day, and that’s where they’re downloaded from.

So if you use cheats at all, there’s no reason not to download this homebrew. I promise, it will make your life so much easier.

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