Nintendo has a pretty cool product with Amiibo. Not only do you get a cool looking figure, but you can scan it and unlock extra stuff for your game. Costumes, items, even NPCs, they really took the time to make these little figures more than just toys. The problem is that while the switch is portable, Amiibo really aren’t. If you’re playing Breath of the Wild on your subway ride to work, you don’t want to throw your limited edition Wolf Link Amiibo into your bag to get banged around with everything else. So let’s talk about a cheap and easy way to make an NFC tag with that same data on it.

What you’ll need:

  • Tagmo apk
  • Amiibo Key Files – LMGTFY
  • An Android device with NFC. Most modern phones have this.
  • NTAG215 Cards or Stickers
  • Amiibo to backup or .bin format backup files

The first step is installing the apk file on your Android. You can either go to the page above directly through the devices browser, or download it onto a computer and copy it to your device. Either way once it’s on your phone or tablet (I’m just gonna say phone from now on, if you’re using a tablet, just know that’s what I’m talking about) use your file browser to open the .apk file you just downloaded. It may ask you to enable apps from unknown sources, so go ahead and do that, and when it’s installed it’ll show up in your app drawer like anything else.

Go ahead and open the app and it will show a bar at the bottom that says Amiibo keys not found. You’ll need to find these on your own as they may contain proprietary Nintendo information, but there’s a link above that should get you started. Once they’re downloaded onto your phone click the settings button on that alert bar, and then click the Import Keys option at the top of the settings page. It’ll take you to a browser where you can click on the locked-secret.bin and unfixed-info.bin files that you downloaded. Once they’re loaded you’re ready to get scanning!

First, click Scan Tag and it will pop up a screen telling you to scan the Amiibo. While it may look like you’re supposed to put the Amiibo on the screen, you actually need to hold the bottom of it up to the back of your phone. You may have to move it around a bit to find the exact spot where the NFC reader is, but once you find it, you’ll get a quick vibration, and it will pull up the Amiibo information on the screen.

You can then click Save Tag to save the data from that Amiibo as a .bin file on your phone. Transfer this to your computer or your favorite cloud file storage for safekeeping. You can then choose to edit the data (that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial, but I may write one in the future), or to write it to a tag.

When you choose Write Tag, it will ask you to scan a tag, this will be one of those NTAG215 cards or stickers, or if you want to write edited or backup data back to the original Amiibo, the Amiibo itself. Same as before, just hold it up to the back of the phone and wait for the buzz.

You can save your entire collection, write them to cheap NFC cards or tags, and you’ll have a fully portable collection of Amiibo you can keep in your Switch case. If a tag gets lost or destroyed, or if your actual Amiibo do get stolen or destroyed, you’ve got the .bin file as a backup and can just write another one. The best part is, if you already have an Android phone or tablet, the only cost is buying the tags. I provided Amazon links for the prime shipping, but if you’re willing to wait for shipping from China, you can get them from eBay or Aliexpress in larger quantities for much cheaper.

Finally, I will go ahead and say that TagMo can read or write any Amiibo file in .bin format, and that since the internet exists you can find ones that other people have scanned and shared, but do so at your own risk. I do not advocate piracy, and if you choose to use any of the educational information provided in this tutorial for any illegal activity TechSupportGamer and myself cannot be held liable.

*Note* The product links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. You will not pay any extra if you buy from these links, but I will make a small commission. 

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