If you’re the daring sort who chooses to go online with SXOS, DO NOT USE CHEATS IN ONLINE GAMES. It’s a great way to get banned. Plus, it’s a real jerk move. If you’re not good enough to win without cheating, then practice. </rant>

Cheats are a fantastic addition to the SXOS custom firmware. I’ll probably do a video on how to find and create your own cheats one day, but for today this tutorial is on how to use cheat packs you can download online.

What you’ll need:

Start by going to the Switch Cheats Database website (or any trusted source) and downloading the cheat files. This tutorial will focus on using the zipped packs provided by the Switch Cheats Database.

Once you’ve downloaded the cheats, unzip them all into the same folder, merging if it asks you to. Once you’re done unpacking all the downloads, you’ll have a sxos folder with a titles folder inside. In the titles folder is a folder for each game ID. This is how the cheats engine identifies what cheats are for which game, so make sure you have the right cheats for your region.

Copy that sxos folder to the root of your Switch SD card (check out this post if you need help with that). Then open the game you want to enable cheats for. Once the game is running, exit out to the home menu, leaving the game running in the background. Open the SXOS menu by clicking the album icon, then press the R-trigger until you’re on the Cheats tab.

***Thanks to igounfazed on Youtube for their feedback which prompted this next section***
If you got your cheats from somewhere else it’s still simple to use them, you just need to know where to put them. At it’s core, a cheat file is simply a txt document that contains instructions for the cheat engine. It will be named <buildid>.txt. The folder structure to use is sd:\sxos\titles\<titleid>\cheats\. If you don’t know the titleid of the game your cheats are for, you can look up the game on http://nswdb.com/. Just search in the top right corner, and scroll over to the titleid field.

From here you choose Select Cheats, and it will bring up a list of available cheats from the pack you downloaded. Just scroll through the list and enable any that you want to turn on. Then switch back to your game, and if everything was programmed right, those cheats will be enabled.


If you’re having trouble getting the cheats to work, here’s a few tips.

  • Make sure the cheat pack you’re using was made for the update version you’re using. If it’s not, the cheat engine will warn you, but let you use the cheats anyway. I have never had this work personally.
  • Open the cheat file in a text editor to see if there are any notes included. Sometimes they will tell you that you can’t enable two cheats at the same time.
  • Check the reviews before you download a cheat pack. Usually people will rate how well a cheat pack works, so let their experience guide you. And if you’ve got the time, leave a review yourself for the sake of those that come after you.

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