We begin this episode by seeing what Mickey and Riku are up to. Playing as Riku is loads of fun, and I wish we got a little more time with him. After a fairly epic battle with a horde of heartless, and a confusing near death experience talking to someone who sounds like Terra to me, the King and Riku decide to return to the tower because Rikus keyblade was destroyed.

Some more story scenes play out, Sora gets another new outfit, some extra powers (Dream Eaters!) and a new cell phone. Then we get to fly the Gummy ship for the first time. I won’t spend a whole lot of time showing you guys how that works, but we’ll fly to Twilight Town in search of people connected to Roxas’s heart.

The new Twilight Town looks amazing on PS4, but it makes me sad we can only see so little of it. We battle our way through some nobodies and meet up with Hayner, Pence and Olette, being chased by a hoard of heartless. After tearing them up for a bit, they run off and we get a chance to talk. Since this trio is from the real world, they don’t know Roxas, but mention we should head to the old mansion to check out the data Twilight Town.

On the way there, we encounter Little Chef, rescue him from some more nobodies, and collect up some food for him. We then leave him in the middle of the heartless infested forest with a pile of fruit 10 times his size to cart home. Makes sense.

After some more battling and ingredient collecting we finally move on to the Old Mansion and the end of the episode. Come back next time for a little less cutscene and a little more gameplay!

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