When buying an SXOS license from team Xecuter you have the choice of the license only, or the SX Pro bundle, which includes a dongle to allow an easy way to boot into CFW while you’re away from a computer.

Another option they provide is SX Tools. It’s an Android application you can download directly from sx.xecuter.com. You can then connect your phone directly to your switch using a USB OTG adapter if you have a Micro USB charging port or USB C to C cable if you have a USB C charging port.

What you’ll need:

You can either download the above APK file onto a computer and copy it to your Android device, or you can browse to my site on your device and click the link to download it directly. Either way once it’s on your device you’ll need to run the .apk file.

It will ask you if you trust the source, and you’ll have to say yes to allow it to install. By default Android blocks installation from unknown sources, so you may need to go into settings to allow installation from unknown sources. Where you’ll find this depends on what device you have, but if you Google “install unknown apps” followed by your device name you shouldn’t have trouble finding instructions. Assuming it doesn’t just ask you as soon as you click install like my Note 10 did.

Once the app is installed, you don’t even have to open it. Just put your switch in RCM mode, and connect the switch directly to the phone, and it will ask to grant permission to SX Tools to open APX. If you choose to always allow permission, it won’t even ask the next time you plug it in. Once you’ve granted permission, the Switch will boot into SXOS.

*Note* The product links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. You will not pay any extra if you buy from these links, but I will make a small commission. I selected items that I have used or brands that I trust personally.

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