I start out by showing the new Re:Mind DLC Premium Menu, and go over some of the basic game systems like the Moogle shop, synthesis, and equipment. The gameplay portion starts at about 9:00.

First we fight our way up to the top of Mount Olympus, collecting treasure and ingredients along the way. About halfway up we run into the Rock Titan, Lythos. After an epic battle involving a train that shoots fireworks (seriously, just watch the video, the battle starts around 35:00), we ascend to the summit.

So now in KH1 we went to Ancient Greece, in KH2 we descend to the Underworld, and finally in KH3, we ascend to Olympus. Seeing it in PS4 graphics I can believe that there’s no way a previous game could have done it justice. Sliding on clouds, airstepping between floating chunks of rock, and just the overall scale of the world is extremely impressive.

So after making it to Zeus’s throne, we get to take on the 3 remaining Titans; Hydros, Stratos, and Pyros (Pictured above, left to right). We take on Hydros and Pyros together at first while Stratos lurks in the background. Then we chase him down, beat him up, and get our first chance to fly in the most epic battle so far.

As our reward we get a little guidance, and a new keyblade! We’ll try it out next time, on episode 3.

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