“Thank you for calling Tech Support Gamer, this is Jeff.” If you watch almost any of my videos, you’ll hear me open with those words. Replace “Tech Support Gamer” with wherever I worked at the time, and I’ve been answering the phone that way for over 15 years.

I’ve worked in cell phone support, manufacturing support, IT support, and now in software support. Since the day I started answering calls in the Verizon Wireless Greenville call center, I have been helping people to use, understand, and fix their technical problems for a living.

I’ve helped a caller who didn’t know why he couldn’t get a dial tone on their cell phone, a plant worker who had to call for help every time she accidentally scrolled up on her terminal emulator, and a manager who copied 5 gigs of email onto his brand new laptop and couldn’t understand why Outlook was still so slow.

This isn’t to say that any of them was stupid, it’s simply to say that I’ve spent my life helping people who don’t necessarily understand technology to use it successfully.

Now I want to bring that experience to a wider audience. Through this website, YouTube, Email, Google Voice, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, or whatever way you communicate, I want to be your tech support.

So stay a while and listen. You’ll find in-depth tutorials here on my website. I’ll be releasing videos of those tutorials on YouTube. I’ll post on Twitter and Facebook anytime there’s a new article. You can join my Discord server and ask or answer questions. I’ll even stream games and tutorials on Twitch sometimes, though I promise you, you’ll never catch me playing Fortnight.

I’m too old for that.

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