Full disclosure, I intended to play this game on Critical Mode, but I got destroyed, and so I decided to lower the difficulty for my own sanity, and so that the episodes don’t take 3 hours each.

In this episode we begin by seeing young Xehanort and Eraqus playing chess. They talk about the Keyblade War and some of the events from the KH movie Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, and the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X.

Then we get to take control of Sora through a classic Dive to the Heart character creation segment. I chose Balance and the Warrior. Then proceeded to get my tail kicked by the first Darkside several times.

After I finally manage to complete the Darkside fight we move on to the story of Kingdom Hearts 2.9. Because why not throw some other numbers in there and confuse the issue a bit more. We get to watch the Secret movies from dream drop distance and take off to Olympus to try and get Sora’s strength back.

After landing in the wrong spot, getting beat up a few more times, reducing the difficulty and then fighting through the mountains, we run into Hades. After some typical banter (is making the devil Jewish antisemitic?) he blows us off the mountain. As he gloats, Pete and Maleficent show up looking for a black box. If you want a little more info on how she became aware of the black box from KH X Back Cover check out this video by KZXcellent: https://youtu.be/o9mLv6ra1RQ and this one by BiAX: https://youtu.be/_NBr4DQR6tM. Ignore his speculation, but the quote from Nomura basically says that her knowledge is related to what you see when Maleficent shows up in Union X. But I digress.

Sora and friends land in the city of Thebes and meet up with Hercules. As we fight our way through the city, saving townspeople along the way, we’re surprised by running into Xigbar. He taunts Sora a bit, but ultimately tells him that he needs to seek the hearts connected to his. Time to search for Roxas and Ventus!

But first, let’s go clash with the Titans, and take down Hades!

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